I'm busy. You're busy. We're all super busy, stressed, and short on patience. We also love our kids. But sometimes it's hard to balance everything. We were frustrated of having to choose between what she wanted and what I wanted. So we decided to start a business to bridge the gap between our experiences. We have a lot of ideas.

Soleil's Table

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We created a cookbook called Soleil's Table. Well, it's really more of a book about cooking. We wanted to be able to cook and eat meals together that we all participated in, but weren't satisfied with the complicated cookbooks for adults or the simplistic ones for kids. See more.



We created Tremendous & Tiny for when we can't see each other, like when I'm traveling for work. It helps us feel not so far apart from each other. See more.

Other Ideas


We have dozens of other ideas too. Take a look.

The Team


Mark King

I've been a design researcher and strategist for the past 10 years, helping companies and non-profits be more user centered. Soleil and I realized together that we need to help families spend better quality time together, so we started our own company. I do most of the work.
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Soleil King

I like to play in my band, draw, and read. I'm also what my pops keeps calling his "braintrust" (whatever that means). I help him come up with new ideas and make sure that his ideas are good. I'm not shy about telling him when he's wrong.