We're all super busy, stressed, and short on patience. Aren't you sick of going to restaurants and having your kids bored out of their minds and given a choice of grilled cheese or chicken fingers to eat? And aren't you tired of having to stand around the playground while they go down the slide one more time? We've all been sacrificing for too long. Why aren't there more experiences designed for both of us?

On the left, the Tadpole side, are experiences where parents are hating their lives because they have to do something that is too kiddish just to make Tommy happy (note: Toad & Tadpole wants to make Tommy happy too). On the right, the Toad side, kids are miserable that mom & dad want to go somewhere that they don't.

But there's a middle. Everyone can be happy simultaneously. No one has to sacrifice, and in the meantime, you'll be creating stronger bonds with your kids through shared experiences.

Think of a toddler's birthday party where the parents and kids actually do activities together, rather than the kids playing with each other and the adults shifting between awkward glances at each other and their watches. Or a Japanese restaurant that welcomes you and your kids and gets them comfortable with what's on the menu, so that you get your sushi fix and they get to try something new. 

This is not just in parents' and kids' best interests. The companies who provide these experiences will benefit as well. Win-win-win? Yep.

Toad & Tadpole aims to create this middle ground. We want to work with your company to help you achieve this.