Analog is good.

Most of my mail is bills or junk. Rarely do I get something that I actually want to look at. But when I do, it’s like I’m 6 again, getting someting in the mail. With my name on it. Ever see “The Jerk” where Steve Martin’s character’s name appears in the phone book and he yells “I’m somebody!” That’s sort of what it’s like getting mail when you’re a kid. You feel important.

I realized a little while ago that I could bring this magic to my daughter’s life – I didn’t have to wait for someone else to. Whenever I went out of town, I started sending her postcards, telling her what I was up to, wherever I was. They didn’t need to be long. They didn’t even need to be particularly meaningful. I also started buying postcards and giving them to other people that she knows, such as if we were at a family wedding, and having them write the postcards to her. Soon, she got anywhere from 3-10 postcards, all telling her how much they like her and miss her. Try that, internets.

How could we be helping parents to send their kids postcards or other mail? Could there be a service that is associated with Tripit or another online agency that sends you pre-addressed and stamped postcards before your trip highlighting where you’re going? All you need to do is write and drop in the mail and your kid loves you forever.