Make us all feel important.

Several years ago, my daughter was given a special card at the supermarket that enabled her to get a free apple or banana every time she went. She was excited about it and so was I. They made her feel special and important and made me feel like they cared about her, me, and wanted her to be healthy. Such a great idea with a less than great execution.

First of all, she (I) needed to remember to bring the card with us. Guess what? I never remembered it. Instead of them saying “don’t worry about it” and given me the fruit for free, they said “no card, we’re going to have to charge you.” What started as such a positive, a way to make me loyal to the store, in the execution, actually made me never want to go back there.

Why don’t supermarkets give away healthy freebies to kids like this? Seriously, it wouldn’t cost much. You can even add a few cents to the bananas that are already insanely inexpensive for when I buy them for the rest of the family. And don’t make me do anything for it. Make us all feel special.