Make the kids feel special and the parents will feel special.

We go to a gym. It’s sort of like a country club in the city without the golf. They do a great job, for the most part, of welcoming kids. There are events, a kids club, babysitting services, camps, and a kids only pool, just to name a few. My wife often will come to the gym with our daughter, who is too young to use the equipment but old enough to take care of herself. What happens? My wife runs on the treadmill while our daughter sits in the corner and reads a book. It’s not an ideal situation for either.

You may be thinking “wait, I thought you said that there was a kids club?” Yep. But you have to pay. It’s not a lot, but it’s sort of the principle of it. You don’t need to entertain her, just find me if something happens to her. In addition, we had to pay extra for her to have privelages at the club. It just feels like they’re nickel and diming us a little when it comes to the kids. I get that you need to pay the people who watch the kids, but you know what costs more? Finding a new member if we decide to leave for a club that has better childcare services.

Instead, the club should be begging us to bring our daughter to the club so that they can entertain her and get her active. What if they even gave her reduced or even free tennis lessons in their down time and she got good? I would be so freaking proud of her and would forever pledge my allegiance to the club.

How could sport and fitness clubs, country clubs, or any type of athletic facility do a better job of welcoming kids and their parents?