Make chores feel more like games.

Yesterday, I was trying to copy my bank account number from one website to another. However, the first website did not allow copy and pasting, so I had to switch back and forth between them to accurately enter the 12 digits in the correct order. I feel like this kind of thing has happened to me 5 times in the last 3 days. On my phone it’s even worse because multitasking is so much harder, as is copying and pasting anything. In those instances, I wish I had someone next to me to read me the number so that I could enter it in more easily and with a higher likelihood of accuracy.

So when I was in the supermarket this morning and saw a pretty big kid sitting in the shopping cart while mom checked her list on her phone, it struck me that there’s an opportunity for collaboration here. Every day, moms and dads run errands and kids have to come. Ever gone to the supermarket without your kids? It’s actually kind of fun. What could be done in instances such as this one, where mom is doing all the work while a capable and bored child gets pushed around the store, while both are frustrated with the other? Mom’s thinking: ‘Just sit there and be quiet so that I can get this done as quickly as possible’ while daughter is thinking ‘Can I have Froot Loops? This cart hurts my foot. I have to use the bathroom. Aren’t you done yet?’ What if mom and daughter could work together to get all of the items on the list, releiving mom’s stress, giving the daughter something fun to do, all while enabling them to do something together? 

In short, what if going to the supermarket was more like a scavenger hunt than an errand?