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Mark King, Designer & Father

Soleil is 9. When she was born, I was working as an innovation strategist at a design firm, helping clients like Nike, Charles Schwab, and the Mayo Clinic  serve their users' unmet needs more effectively. I have found over the course of these 8 years that our needs were not being met, and that there is such an enormous opportunity for companies of all types to create better experiences for families.

Help us create new experiences for your family, share your own ideas, hire me to consult for your company, or have an Old Fashioned with me (I also make a mean kids version that we call a New Fashioned).

Soleil King, Third Grader

Soleil King, Third Grader

I like to play in my band, draw, and read. I'm also what my pops keeps calling his "braintrust" (whatever that means). I help him come up with new ideas and make sure that his ideas are good. I'm not shy about telling him when he's wrong.