Help us understand life together.

My daughter was 3 when my mom, her grandmother, passed away. Since that time, several others close to us have also. She has dealt with death too much in her young life and I don’t know how to talk to her about it. I don’t know how to tell her when people are sick without getting her overly scared, because I’m scared too.

Life and death is the big one. But the things we do to stay alive and healthy are scary too. Doctor visits and the occasional procedure are common occurrences in our lives, both hers, mine, and of those close to us. Going to the dentist or the pediatrician is not fun and a little scary. Moms and dads get scared when taking their kid to the doctor, too. I don’t want the most precious person in the world to me to be sad, scared, and hurt because of the shots that they’re going to get either, but I know it’s in her best interest, so I make sure it happens. 

What better time, though, to teach kids about being healthy than when you’re waiting 45 minutes for the pediatrician? It’s generally quiet time where parent and child are together that could be used productively, instead of reading US Weekly. How could this time be used to prepare for the appointment, as well as teach, learn, understand, and get less scared? What other healthcare applications could there be?