Help us understand each other.

We play Trivial Pursuit as a family. We found a kids version that has adult cards and kids cards, so we get to ask each other questions that are on the appropriate level and level the playing field. This is great. Until we found this, our daughter would be the dedicated question asker, but couldn’t really participate. 

Trivial Pursuit is great for practicing reading, taking turns, and maybe even learning about some topics that you didn’t know about before. But could it be more?

Some guys I know created Cards Against Humanity a few years ago, obviously to astonishing success. They did a lot of things right, including tapping into people’s secrets and depravity that we all have but are nervous to let others know about. 

I’m constantly trying to learn more about my daughter and what goes on inside her head. There are things that I’d like to tell her too (and many things that I don’t want to), but it feels weird bringing them up out of thin air. When the topics come up, we talk about them. But what if there was a game that would bring up the topics that we want to learn about each other but are afraid to ask? What if there was a situation where I would feel comfortable telling her things, and vice versa, to get to know each other better?