Foster common interests.

I love going to sporting events. As a family, we’ve gone to see the Cubs, Notre Dame football, Bulls, White Sox, Sky, and even high school games. The Blackhawks are high on the list of where we want to go next. For me, I love seeing the competition, being with other fans, and celebrating the (hopeful) success of our teams. Ask my daughter what she remembers? “That was the game when I had two ice creams.”

I’m the kind of guy who likes to stay until the bottom of the ninth, even if we’re losing by a dozen runs. I don’t just come to see a win. If that was true, I would not be a Cubs fan. Despite the new rules to make baseball games go faster, a nine inning game is a lot for a kid to sit through, even if they love the team. So, you start to hear “How much longer until we can go home?” and you start pulling out all the stops to get to stay longer. You buy the second ice cream.

But you know what my mom, a die hard Cubs fan, used to do with us? She taught us how to stay engaged by keeping score. It was a difficult process to learn, but it was a fun activity that we could do together, she was teaching us, and she got to stay for the entire game (she would never leave before the end either).

Sports teams, keep us all engaged throughout the entire event. You’ll earn more money from us, keep us going back, make us happy, and create your next generation of fans.