Explore new things together.

I’m sick of going to a restaurant, no matter what kind, and having interesting adult items on the menu but chicken fingers and grilled cheese for kids. It’s so hard to get away from, unless you order off the adult menu, which isn’t ideal either.

There’s a restaurant that we enjoy going to called Mon Ami Gabi that is collectively one of our favorite restaurants to go to. They don’t treat our daughter like a kid, but more like a smaller adult. I think they have the chicken fingers on the menu, but they also have some slightly more adventurous items as well, items that are more like smaller versions of the adult menu.

When we arrive, they give the adults bread, butter, and pickled carrots. Recognizing that the pickled carrots may not appeal to a kid’s palate, they give kids carrot sticks. And then she orders a kid sized steak frites. And we order the adult size. And we all love it. 

Some other restaurants do this, but they are by far the exception rather than the rule. I like going out to eat to try new things, and I want our daughter to try new things too.

Restaurants, don’t give us any more chicken fingers and grilled cheese. Take the ingredients you already have for adults and make kids versions. We’ll all appreciate it and it’ll be easier for you.