Engage us together.

Ever been on a flight with whiny, loud, and/or out of control kids? Yeah, me too. You’re stuck on the plane for 2-10 hours and wish someone would control that kid.

Ever been on a flight with your kids? Yeah, me too. It’s hard to keep them occupied and in their seats the whole time. 

What’s a parent, or for that matter, an airline to do? You could put the headphones on them and keep them quiet. But are there other ways to keep them quiet, entertained, and well behaved?

I rarely get a few hours of uninterrupted time with my daughter. When preparing for a flight, I get the books, puzzles, drawing materials, stuffed animals, etc. ready, hoping to keep her occupied. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. 

At the same time, airlines have among the most developed loyalty programs of any industry. Every airline is trying to get you to come back and fly with them through perks, accumulated miles, and special treatment. The question then becomes, how could an airline engender greater loyalty by taking care of families?

Now, I realize that business travel is where airlines make their money. But those men and women who travel around the world for work, also travel for leisure with their families. If I knew that an airline was taking care of my family on leisure trips, it would give me the warm and fuzzies when I traveled for work and would create that loyalty. Plus, when I am traveling for work and need to concentrate, I wouldn’t worry as much about the kid in the seat behind me causing a riot. 

So, airlines, make my family loyal to your brand by making the time between us more fruitful. We should be looking forward to flying because we get to spend time together, not dreading it because we’re afraid of all the problems.