Connect the experience.

Supermarkets are not kid-friendly environments. Many have implemented some ways to make the experience slightly better for the parents, such as the mini shopping carts or the shopping carts that look like big plastic race cars. The rest of the experience, not much.

Today I was checking out and there was the cutest little girl in the cart in front of me. She was pretending to be her mom and sign her name to authorize the transaction. In so many instances, whether it be at a restaurant, a store, or some other place you might go, you’ll remember the last things that happened on your way out, the exit. Get overcharged and don’t realize it until you get home? Might not go back. As you’re leaving, notice your car got dinged in the parking lot? I’m going to think twice about driving there and maybe won’t go again. Someone takes care of your kid while you’re paying? Not only are you going to want to go back, but your kid will be begging you to. We remember these last moments of an experience so clearly that they often shape our overall impressions of that experience, no matter what happened beforehand.

Design the entire experience, from beginning to end. What could the supermarket have done here to make mom and daughter come back every day?